Deep Atlantic Perfection

The Salmon is as close to a perfect creature as any species can be. Its efficiency is amazing. Consuming only 6 kg of feed for every 5 kg of body mass it produces, it outperforms common farm animals by a wide margin.

Deep Atlantic Protection

In the wild this amazing creature it is under great duress. Overfishing, destruction of natural habitats and intrusion of bred strains have reduced the number of wild salmon populations by approximately two-thirds in the last century. 

Deep Atlantic Salmon simply can not escape into the wild. The project completely prevents its unintentional release and subsequent possible intrusion into Iceland's 100 wild salmon rivers. It also discourages overfishing and supplies delicious and healthy sustenance to people, the world over.

Quality begets quality

Our commitment to the world is to produce a healthy and natural food product; a tasty salmon of firm texture that exceeds quality expectations, rich in healthy omega-3, high-quality proteins and other nutrients.

We guarantee that throughout its life cycle, from eggst to harvest, Deep Atlantic Salmon will remain uncontaminated from foreign agents. In other words, at any and all stages, there will be:

  • No antibiotics
  • No pesticides
  • No hormones
  • No foreign chemicals 

Handled with care

We guarantee to always be mindful that our product is alive. It deserves the best possible circumstance. Our hatchery has a low mortality rate, thanks to oxygen-rich and clean waters from melting snows. Nothing will ever replace thoughtful rearing and respectful approach to life. Careful rearing by station managers and staff that put the welfare of the animals in their care is crucial.

By avoiding stress, we ensure better feeding habits, steady growth and ultimately a better run business. Handling matters a great deal and we are committed to living up to the highest standards in animal welfare.

Spacious facilities

Our grow out facilities are designed to be roomy to reduce stress and improve growth and product quality and predictability. The density of Deep Atlantic Salmon will be beneficial for the population throughout its life cycle.

Quarantined biomes and fish tanks

The Deep Atlantic Station is designed around a double-quarantine philosophy to reduce the risk of infection and pests of any kind spreading to other parts of the station.

1 - Biome Quarantine

The first quarantine layer is called a "Biome". It is a series of seven tanks that contain salmon generations reared away from salmon in other biomes. Each biome is quarantined from all other biomes and enforced through a simple system of color coding. It requires our staff to never enter a biome without donning the properly color-coded protective clothing.

2 - Tank Quarantine

The second layer of quarantine is that each tank is also quarantined from the other tanks in the biome. What that means is that no fluids or materials pass between tanks while they are in operation and there are dedicated tools for each tank.

As the salmon grows bigger, it is moved into more spacious tanks. Beforehand, the receiving tanks are thoroughly cleansed so the new inhabitants get a fresh start.

Transport and harvest

It is importan to avoid stress when a salmon population gets moved between tanks and also when taken to harvest. The effects of the modular biome design, integrated transport system and staggered harvest frequency combine to minimize stress and avoid the associated interruptions to feeding.