Landeldi partners with EY Iceland to formulate ESG strategy

Landeldi and EY formulate an official ESG strategy
Landeldi and EY formulate an official ESG strategy

Landeldi is thrilled to announce it has partnered up with Ernst & Young Iceland the country’s leading consultant agency on ESG matters to formulate Landeldi’s ESG strategy.

This exciting partnership is logical step for the company and underscores the fact that Landeldi was initially founded on the principle to tackle the globally pressing environmental, social and governance challenges head on. It answers the rising demand in Icelandic society for a responsible, holistic approach for corporations at large, particularly and rightfully those trusted for significant access to Iceland's nature and resources. 

At Landeldi we strongly believe that if a company is to thrive in an increasingly accountable business environment, it must be conscious, transparent, dynamic and proactive.

Our ESG strategy will be at the core of Landeldi's overall business strategy into the future, and help us as a corporation to bring out the best in us. 

EY Iceland is a part of EY Global which has been working on sustainability for decades. The people in its ranks are many of the world's leading experts on the matter.

This partnership will help Landeldi to assess the risks and challenges in our supply chain and enable us to mitigate negative factors - and maximize the positive impact on our stakeholders into the future.