Sounds too good to be true

An honest description of the natural qualities of our location, sounds as if taken from a fish farmer's fantasy. 

We have an endless supply of abundant fresh- and saltwater that maintains an ideal temperature all-year-round, biologically filtered through porous bedrock, that flows up from reservoirs directly below a solid rock surface ideally suited to support a massive salmon land-farm facility, next to an established major international shipping harbor, in a country that happens to run on 100% clean, abundant and renewable energy. It seems reality-defyingly convenient, right?

Just fitting all these outrageous competitive advantages in a coherent sentence is grammatically very hard. But it is all true, and that is Iceland for you. You need to know it to believe it.

Porous bedrock, pristine water, geothermal activity

When it comes to producing anything for human consumption, superior resources are an absolute key to delivering a superior product. Our location provides the project with unbeatable qualities.

  • Deep Atlantic Salmon is bred and raised in pristine fresh- and seawater, 100% sourced by us on our own land.
  • Geothermal activity directly beneath our facilities gently warms our subterranean water reservoirs to a favorable temperature.
  • This fully renewable method maintains a steady and favorable temperature, reduces stress on the salmon and maximises animal welfare.
  • Algae and any foreign elements are filtered out in the process.

The Creation of a Natual Wonder

Deep Atlantic Geothermal Wonder

A series of volcanic eruptions, five to seven thousand years ago, poured molten lava into the Atlantic in and around our site in Olfus. Hardening in seawater caused countless instant explosions inside the lava. They created literally trillions of microscopic cavities inside which is the porous bedrock that today acts as a natural filter for all the water we use in our operations. The forces that engineered this eruption are the same powers that drive geothermal activity and maintain the ideal and steady temperature of today.

Following the Ice Age, the land rose from the ocean exposing this ideal location for the Deep Atlantic Salmon Land Farm.

In the millenias since, this part of Iceland has drifted away from the most active volcanic area making it secure from high-temperature contaminants and catastrophic events such as a volcanic eruption.