Trefjar ehf. to deliver smolt tanks to Landeldi's hatchery

The Icelandic carbon fiber company Trefjar ehf. will build six 12m x 3m tanks for Landeldi's hatchery at Öxnalækur. Trefjar has a great track record of reliably delivering excellent products. It operates in Landeldi's vicinity which helps to avoid the negative environmental impact of long-distance transport of such bulky items.

Landeldi Salmon in 38 stores in Iceland

We proudly announce that Landeldi will supply Hagar's stores in Iceland with premium salmon products, either as fillets or further processed, from December 2022 and onwards. Starting out in our own backyard makes us immensely proud. Supporting and being supported by the community is the greatest reward we as a company can hope to achieve.

Landeldi Project scaled up to 32.500 tons

Landeldi and the municipality of Ölfus just signed a contract to increase the land area for the Landeldi Project from 18,3 ha to 27,2 ha. As a result, Landeldi has increased the annual forecasted production volume of its Landeldi Salmon from 20.000 tons to 32.500 tons and will subsequently add several biomes in two to three phases.

Landeldi partners with EY Iceland to formulate ESG strategy

Landeldi is thrilled to announce it has partnered up with Ernst & Young Iceland the country’s leading consultant agency on ESG matters to formulate Landeldi’s ESG strategy. This exciting partnership is logical step for the company and underscores the fact that Landeldi was initially founded on the principle to tackle the globally pressing environmental, social and governance challenges head on.

Great results from three new boreholes

April through June 2021 three new boreholes were created to a maximum depth of 120m, all of them yielding astonishing results. They revealed an abundant source of seawater at a very favorable temperature and absolutely cemented the already great location as being the ideal one.

President of Iceland and his wife visit Landeldi

On his first official visit after the Covid pandemic shutdown of 2020, the honorable President of Iceland, Gudni Th. Johannesson and our first lady, Eliza Reid, visited Thorlakshofn and met with our representatives, Halldór Ólafur Halldórsson and Ingólfur Snorrason. Following local festivities, they were shown around and were introduced to the story behind the Landeldi Project.

Landeldi and Olfus authorities sign a forestry agreement

Olfus municipality and Landeldi signed an agreement about co-operation in realizing the Thorlaksskogar project. Its goal is to work with the municipality on the forestry initiative it has planned for the area immediately north of the Landeldi facilities.

Drilling for seawater results in great success!

In the last quarter of 2020 we teamed up with our great partners, ISOR (Iceland Geo-Survey) and Ræktó (drilling company). Four test boreholes were drilled down to depths of 94m and all of them met or exceed our expectations. Those results were in line with water quantity and quality from boreholes drilled in the the last three decades.

Environmental Impact Assessment - Check!

On August 20th, 2020 the Icelandic authorities (EIA) approved the environmental impact assessment for 3.450 tons MAB. It allows us to produce over 6.000 tons of Landeldi Salmon per year. This crucial milestone is absolutely huge for the Icelandic nation. It is the first big-scale, land-based salmon venture in Iceland to be approved. Landeldi has already applied for increasing the EIA allowing it to produce approximately 20.000 tons per annum.