Guðmundur Þórðarson and Stefán Sigurðsson appointed construction managers at Landeldi hf.

Guðmundur and Stefán come from Leonhard Nilsen & Sönner in Norway, where they have managed extensive projects in the field of tunnel construction in recent years. They both start working for Landeldi hf. on 1 January n.k.

Guðmundur is a master builder and construction technician from Horsens Ingeniörhöjskole in Denmark. Guðmundur has managed a number of large-scale projects over the years, many of which are specialized, e.g. expansion of the ÍSAL aluminum plant, construction of a salmon feed factory in Norway, construction of tunnels, power plants in Iceland and Greenland, along with a number of other projects.

Stefán Sigurðsson is a Civil Engineer from Danmark Tekniske Universitet, as well as being a civil engineer and builder. Stefán has also managed a number of projects, e.g. construction of a tunnel in Norway, a fish processing house in Dalvík, the laying of sewage pipes from the land to the sea at Grindavík and a number of other projects.

"Stefán Sigurðsson and I have watched from the outside how Landeldi in Þorlákshöfn has developed. We have been fascinated by the project, both the size of the project and its positive significance. The project is large-scale and includes a development area of ​​around 33 ha in Þorlákshöfn. We are full of anticipation and there are very interesting and exciting times ahead", says Guðmundur Þórðarson.

"Guðmundur and Stefán have decades of experience in the project management of large specialized and complex projects in the field of power plants, port structures, drilling, sea defenses, sewage pipes from land to sea and more that will be useful to Landeldi. Their experience and comprehensive knowledge and management of large projects will be important for us at Landeldi to achieve the set goals. Landeldi in Þorlákshöfn is aiming for full development in 6 phases until the year 2028," says Eggert Þór Kristófersson, CEO of Landeldi hf.