Outstanding location with great access to markets

Built in South-Iceland our main facilities at Laxabraut (Salmon Row) are being built just a stone’s throw away from Thorlakshofn international shipping harbour.

Out of all Icelandic harbours it is most conveniently located when it comes to fast and direct access to our markets. As an example, compared to Reykjavik harbour, shipping from Thorlakshofn shaves 16 hours off a round-trip from Iceland to Europe and reduces associated costs and carbon footprint in relation to that.

Fully renewable energy

Iceland runs entirely on hydro, geothermal and wind energy, which means that every watt that powers the facilities is 100% renewable and its carbon footprint is zero.

We can not emphasize enough how important energy safety is to land-based aquaculture. Landeldi uses most of the energy it consumes for pumping sea and freshwater from deep below ground directly into its tanks. A steady stream of highly oxygenated water is absolutely crucial to the well-being of the Deep Atlantic Salmon.

Deep Atlantic Energy

Super-reliable infrastructure

Iceland's amazing energy infrastructure is key to the ultimate security of our operations. The quality of the national grid can be considered the gold standard of reliable and secure energy and the country as a whole has an exceptionally low downtime. The energy cost is extremely favorable and fixed many years into the future, which gives us with great predictability and long-term stability.

Farm design and method

Our facility is designed in a modular fashion. It will be expanded in three phases between 2021 and 2027 and during that period, the production quantity will double every two years. Starting at 5.000 tons in 2022 it will have grown to at least 20.000 tons by 2027.

Deep Atlantic Design Technology

We use "Flow-through system with re-use" or FTS-R to maximize the utility of the water that we pump from the ground. That avoids high costs and technical risks inherent in methods relying on higher water-recirculation, allowing for less initial investment in complex equipment prone to malfunctioning. On the other end of the spectrum the project avoids the extreme water demand of standard FTS stations.

The FTS-R allows us to take the middle road. It cleans, recycles and oxygenates close to 2/3 of the sea water from each tank for re-use and mixes it with 1/3 sea water pumped from the subterranean reservoirs. It adds tremendous security as the grow-out facility will rely on only a fraction of the fresh and saline water available from our underground wells and thus prevents a decline in water temperature from overuse.

World class hatchery facility

Over a million smolts grow in our hatchery, located far inland at the legendary Öxnalækur facility. It boasts of a minimal mortality rate and uses a fully flow-through freshwater system and environmentally certified feed only. All water is locally sourced from our own boreholes on our own land. Its temperature is perfect for smolts and is 100% geothermally heated.

It is set and ready to supply our main grow-out facilities with strong and healthy salmon.

All of the above makes our hatchery incredibly environmentally friendly and its carbon footprint close to non-existant.