Facing the Challenge

The Deep Atlantic Project is driven by a conscience for the environment from concept to delivery. We face the threat of climate change head on. Determined to improve ourselves at every turn and strive to give back more than we take. Our commitment is to maintain a pristine environment which we believe is the key to develop a product of immaculate quality. Environmental concerns directly translate to consumer concerns. We aim to be a beacon in the industry when it comes to recycling waste and preventing pollution.

Renewability Promise

Deep Atlantic Salmon is reared in pristine Icelandic waters tapped from highly oxygenated melting snows and powerful ocean currents.

  • Every drop of water in our facilities is 100% renewable and sourced from boreholes owned by us.
  • All our energy comes from 100% renewable Icelandic energy sources.
  • Deep Atlantic Salmon feeds only on an exclusive blend of quality feed from environmentally certified suppliers.
  • Water is naturally filtered through porous bedrock under our facilities which removes algae, microbes and grainy pollutants.
  • Naturally sustained geothermal energy keeps our water at a constant, ideal temperature all-year-round avoiding wasteful heating.


Terraforming Aquaculture

Run-off water is filtered 100% through drum filters as it leaves our fish tanks. We collect 100% of the viscous waste from salmon processing.

Sludge to us is a valuable resource with great environmental potential which we intend to utilize for the greater good. Gathering and recycling it into a natural fertilizer is an integral part of the Deep Atlantic Project. Used as a natural fertilizer to reclaim soil, it will eventually terraform eroded land into lush forests growing in rich soil.

This biologically perfect fertilizer is at the heart of our Terraforming Aquaculture drive. There are absolute:

  • NO pesticides.
  • NO antibiotics
  • NO hormones
  • NO foreign chemicals

It is vital that none of these chemicals are introduced as an agent in our nature. We strive to work with nature and rely on natural processes to the greatest possible extent.