Deep Atlantic Story

The Deep Atlantic Project is fully owned and developed by the Icelandic startup company Landeldi ehf. It was founded in 2017 by a highly select group of passionate entrepreneurs with diverse and encompassing experience from fish farming, construction, geothermal utilization, business and finance. Since then, Landeldi has successfully finalized impact assessment and received approval from Olfus municipality authorities. Landeldi also purchased both land and hatchery facilities that are now in operation and has developed the Deep Atlantic Project.

Successful Experimental Drilling

Landeldi has proven the existence of an abundance of subterranean saline and fresh water at a favorable temperature for aquaculture purposes. Since 2020 Landeldi has successfully drilled seven holes to varying depth, the deepest one down to 120m and each one returning between 150 and 250 liters per second of crystal clear naturally filtered seawater.

Deep Atlantic Team

We strive to be guided in all decisions and driven by the following principles:

  • Purpose: To sustainably rear an abundance of delicious quality salmon on land to feed future generations, while giving our planet the time and resources to heal.
  • Inspiration: The realization that mankind needs to reverse its impact on the ecosystem and facilitate a natural equilibrium while also feeding a growing population. Hunger, overpopulation and the ensuing destruction of natural habitats is as clear as anything ever has been. Standing at the crossroads we want to inspire the right turn.
  • Vision: We envision Earth dominated by lush and plentiful nature of abundance, with cool, healthy oceans that we protect and care for. A future where we take only what we need and give back more than we take.
  • Mission: To inspire the global transition to sustainable food production by rearing an abundance of superior quality salmon on land and use terraforming aquaculture to fertilize the Earth and regenerate the climate.
  • Solution: To achieve that we will sustainably rear Deep Atlantic Salmon on land and pioneer the use of terraforming aquaculture that recycles waste into a resource, reclaim land lost to erosion and create flourishing woodlands.

Key employees, board and advisors


Eggert Þór Kristófersson

Thirteen years experience in banking, including Managing director of Glitnir's asset management. Eleven years as finance manager later CEO of N1 (now the listed Festi hf.) and COB of several companies in Iceland and abroad.

Cand. Oecon. degree in business administration and auditing from the Univ. of Iceland. Licensed stockbroker. 

Halldór Ólafur Halldórsson

Extensive, fifteen year experience in managing wild salmon rivers, hatcheries and smolts.

Five years experience with drilling and geothermal utilization in Iceland and over a decade experience in various construction, industry & real estate development.

As CEO of Grófin Business Development for fourteen years Halldór’s has an encompassing experience is with mergers, aquisitions and financing.

Haraldur Snorrason
Hatchery Director

Lifelong fish farmer and boat captain. Extensive experience in the aquaculture industry for a total of twelve years. Reared salmon and managed production from hatching to harvest. Three years as an operation salmon farm manager in Norway.

Ingi Karl Ingólfsson
Director of Research and Analytics

Fifteen years experience in international banking in Iceland and abroad. For the past five years, Ingi worked on a variety of corporate finance projects, business plan preparations, equity and debt financing and strategic planning.

Ingólfur Snorrason
Project manager

Five year experience working at salmon farms in Iceland, with encompassing experience ranging from working on hatchery to grow-out.

Wide variety of experience in corporate sector project management and startups. Total of thirteen years as CEO on a range of ventures in across industries.

Bjarni Már Júlíusson
Design Director

Experiences in development and innovation projects along with energy transition to renewables and energy management.

Over three decades of experience in corporate governance, senior management, and board membership. Such as technical manager at National Power Company and CEO of ON Power.

Master of project management MPM, B.Sc. in electrical engineering and Marine engineering.

Stefán Páll Ágústsson

Passionate salmon enthusiast and has managed wild salmon populations and rivers for years.

CFO for EC Software for the last 7 years. EC Software operates four companies in three countries, i.e., Iceland, Sweden and India.

M.Sc. in Accounting from University of Iceland. 

Jónas Elvar Halldórsson

Jónas started his excursion into the salmon sector as a guide at the tender age of 16 and worked there for 5 years. Since he has co-operated wild salmon rivers in Iceland.

He is an experienced entrepreneur and spent 2 years as the CEO of a manufacturing company with over 50 employees. Years of experience as an independent financial advisor specializing in M&A, development and restructuring.

Rúnar Þór Þórarinsson
Director of Sustainability & Innovation

Early experience with land-based fish farming assisting with pioneering research and development in raising char in E-Iceland in the late 80s and early 90s.

Entrepreneur. Founder of several startups. Recipient of multiple grants from the IIF. Three decades experience with creative design, development and management at Funcom, CCP, NLS and independent, import & sales. Published author and producer. Cand.Philol. Lit. from UiT.


Kristinn Marinósson
Project Manager

Over five years experience in technical solutions, production and service at Vaki Aquaculture Systems Ltd. and has experience in sales.

Kristinn is an athlete and plays in Iceland’s top division and has coached youth teams.

BSc in Fisheries Sciences.

Þorvaldur Arnarsson

Project Manager

After two decades as a fisherman in Icelandic waters, Þorvaldur acquired a Masters Degree in Icelandic law. He has a degree in Nutrition Science from Acadia University and is currently finishing his Masters in Marine Resource Management from the University of Iceland.

Alongside extensive experience of fisheries and all things marine, Thorvaldur is also a passionate salmon fishing enthusiast.

Baldvin Valdimarsson
Board member

Baldvin has a long of experience in the business sector as the CEO of Málning hf.

Decades of experience as board director in various industries and a investor various startup companies in the pharmachutical sector and IT e.g. Controlant and Invent Pharma.

Julius Thorfinnsson
Board Member

Julius Thorfinnsson is the COO of the investment firm Stodir hf. Julius was the CEO of Stodir from 2010 to 2021.

Background in management and board positions in number of sectors, unlisted and listed companies, abroad and in Iceland.



Kristján Th. Davíðsson
Board  member 

Fishery technologist (M.Sc.) from Tromsö, Norway.

Over thirty years experience in the fishing industry, including management, sales & finance.

Acting Chairman of the Board of Brim hf. Board member of several seafood related companies. Board member on the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) since May 2021

Jón Árni Ágústsson

Professional investor, focusing particularly on the recycling and environmental protection sectors,

Board member and invested heavily in Delta. Founded Omega Pharma which later merged with Actavis.



Kjell Erik Røvang
Advisor & Contractor

Nordic Clean Pumps COB / R&D Manager. Spearheads development of TGC and Sideflow systems for the Deep Atlantic Station. Advises Landeldi on diverse issues regarding overall station design and particularly solutions for animal welfare.

Encompassing experience with developing innovative aquaculture solutions.