To inspire the global transition to sustainable food production. Use terraforming aquaculture to rear

an abundance of immaculate salmon on land, fertilize the Earth and regenerate the climate.

Mission statement

Serenity in the South Iceland

About our operation

  • Renewable Resources

    Renewable Resources

    Every drop of water in our facilities is supplied from fully renewable sources on location. 

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  • Landeldi Salmon

    Landeldi Salmon

    We handle our salmon with care and treat it to an exclusive diet from environmentally certified resources only.

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  • Subterranean Wonder

    Subterranean Wonder

    Our salmon is reared at an ideal temperature in geothermally heated water from underground seas and rivers.

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  • Dynamic society

    Dynamic society

    Our grow out facilities are located a stone’s throw away from Þorlákshöfn international shipping harbour.

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